Advanced Recorder Audition! #62022



Recorders 3-10.jpg

If you would like to try out to be an advanced recorder…..

  • Come to school at 7:55am on Friday June 3rd.
  • Bring your recorder.
  • Bring this sheet completely filled out.
  • Play a song from recorder karate/music class or something else you know.
  • Show your best behavior and recorder performance.
  1. Print your first and last name:
  1. Write your family email:
  1. How much do you like music & recorders? Circle the answer.

3=OMGGG!!! Music is MY LIFE! I play my recorder all the time, (annoying my family) and put it under my pillow at night. Don’t tell anyone but my recorder loves pie and is named Bob.

2=Music is ok I guess.  Recorders are ok I guess.  Are there any snacks? Bruh….

1=My crush is making me try out.  Otherwise, (eye roll) music is whatever.  Bye Felicia.

  1. Students that are chosen are loyal to the group in 4th grade. They do a lot of fun performances throughout the year. They have played at all the concerts, Heritage Day, North Brunswick TV at the BOE Meeting, School intercom for Read Across America, etc. How dedicated are you?

3=I am SO excited. I will be at rehearsals unless I get attacked by a wild dinosaur. And even then, I would still come to rehearsal with or without fingers. 

2=I will come sometimes (when I don’t feel like playing FORTNITE anymore)

1=Yawn, I’m just trying out cuz I’m bored. I’m never gonna come. I need my beauty sleep in the morning. Jeez, Ms. Perryman.

  1. Write three complete sentences explaining why you should be chosen.