Somerset Patriot Chorus 2022


TO: 3/4th Grade Chorus Students

RE: Somerset Patriot Game 6.12.22

CHORUS TRIP:  The Judd School 3/4th Grade Chorus will be singing at the Somerset Patriot’s Baseball Game on Sunday June 12.  You will meet Ms. Perryman by the flagpole in the front of the park at 12:00pm.  There is parking next to the ballpark as well across from the park.

TRANSPORTATION/ADDRESS:  The Somerset Patriot ballpark is located at 860 East Main Street, Bridgewater, New Jersey 08807.  Students should meet Ms. Perryman at the front gate flag pole, with their family, at 12:00pm.   Families do not leave their children.  They stay with students for the entire event.

DRESS CODE:  Students should wear Judd School Tee-Shirts or Blue/White/Yellow.

PERFORMANCE/GAME:  The chorus will perform the “Star Spangled Banner” for the pre-game and then watch the baseball game.  

  1. Sarina A
  2. Sebastian A
  3. Madalyn A
  4. Ian B
  5. Kobe B
  6. Keshav C
  7. Astrid C
  8. Dexter C
  9. Connor C
  10. Emma C
  11. Mohamed C
  12. Harry D
  13. Raina D
  14. Erin F
  15. Yadiel G
  16. Angelia H
  17. Alyssa I
  18. Aiden J
  19. Emmanuel K
  20. Zayah L
  21. Corinne M
  22. Riley M
  23. Kaitlyn M
  24. Isabella N
  25. Olaitan O
  26. Sophia P
  27. Tapasya P
  28. Payton R
  29. Allison R
  30. Mason R
  31. Ian R
  32. Joshua S
  33. Khadijah S
  34. Abhay S
  35. Nathaniel T
  36. Khalisah T
  37. Robin W
  38. Haley Y