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Fiddler Rehearsals

Dear students who auditioned for Fiddler and will audition on Wednesday at recess:

Our first Tuesday 330-5 rehearsal won’t be until Tuesday October 9th. We will have our first Monday morning 8:15am rehearsal next week, October 1st.

See you soon! 🙂 Ms Perryman

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1. Name

2. Date

3. Grade

4. Family Description

5. List 3 Family Traditions

6. Describe 2 Family Beliefs

7. Favorite Artist or Music Group/Favorite Genre Of Music/Favorite Song

8. Choose: Modern/Strict/Old Fashioned/Laid Back

9. 2 Future Dreams-Fantasy and Reality

10. Draw Your Profile Picture

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Fiddler Makeup Audition

Hello 4/5th Grade Students! GREAT job at the play audition today! There will be one more audition on Wednesday at recess. If you already auditioned you are welcome to come but you don’t have to. The Fiddler cast will be posted online by Thursday night and at school by Friday at 3pm. Our first rehearsal will be Monday at 8:15am. See you soon!!