Cinderella Part Assignments #20212022

CINDERELLA 2021-2022: A Baby Boomer & Generation Alpha Mashup


CINDERELLA ORIGINAL: Wise & lovely Cinderella, has a pet mouse named Crystal

Emmanuela Kanterakis, Madison Kwiatek, Robin Wilmote 

CINDERELLA OMG: Excited & lovely, loves light up things, invents when cleaning

Erin Fisher-Howard, Hazel Lau, Sophia Padovano

PRINCE ORIGINAL:  Wise and charming Prince, loves wacky shoes, often extra

George Kanterakis, Olaitan Osho, Mason Reyes

PRINCE KICKS:Charming Castle Influencer, has most followers on kingdom socials

Payton Rajan, Karan Solanki, Nathaniel Tagaan

BOUJEE BARON:  Lots of sass, likes to be in charge

Sebastian Andemicael, Mikayla Jackson, Andrew Mallette, Nico Ocello, Ian Rosario

MEME JOKER: Nervous person, Funny with many jokes

Ian Balasi, Connor Chan, Jaron De La Cruz, Harrison DeNicuolo, Jake Jacobson, Denzell Kpodo

TIK TOK DANCERS/FAIRIES:  Always dancing, magical powers

(Head Dancers: Tosin Olowe, Eli Poku) Madalyn Attorelli, Emma Cohen, Allison Ling, Zayah Lee, Kimberly De Leon, Kaitlyn Morris, Tapaysa Patel, Allison Reyes, Ashia Sparks

SALTY MOMMA:  Has many children, not so nice to Cinderella

Astrid Cantatore, Noor Eid, Molly Holderbaum, Riley Moore, Susan Onyameh

SALTY KIDS: Not so well behaved kids of Salty Momma; bullies Cinderella.

Violet Carhart, Nicholas Dey, Carlos Erba, Kayla Henriquez, Angelia Hourin, Isabelle Layugan, Emmanuel Korantang, Yaneliz Urena, Aaryan Shah


Tues. January 18, 2022 

9:30am @ Judd School Assembly

7pm @NBTHS Evening Performance


Monday Mornings @ 7:55am (Starts the week of Oct 4th)

    *Any 4th Grade Actor who is also in Orchestra should attend Orch. Reh.

Tuesday Afternoons 3:15-4:45 (Begins October 5th)

Sunday January 16, 2022 High School Rehearsal 4-8pm

(There may be a few rehearsals in Dec/Jan as we get closer to the shows)


  1.  Instead of casting only one student in each character, the parts are spread out and adapted. We support all students involved with a positive attitude.
  2. Bring your script to each rehearsal and highlight your lines.  If you lose it, email me: 
  3. Parts chosen were based on audition results: volume, personality, and behavior.  
  4. Everyone will be in a scene/min 7 lines; based on behavior/acting/attendance.
  5. Learn your whole part (understudy/cover) in case someone is sick.
  6. Learn the line before your line (cue line.)  Lines in (parentheses) are not spoken.
  7. All actors should be subscribed to the Judd music blog (


A Dream Is A Wish, ME, In My Dreams, Bibbidi-Bobbidi, In My Own Little Corner