Cinderella Script P1 #20212022


A Baby Boomer & Generation Alpha Mashup


Tues. January 18, 2022  @ 9:30am @  Judd School/7pm @NBTHS


Monday Mornings @ 7:55am (Starts the week of Oct 4th)

    *Any 4th Grade Actor who is also in Orchestra should attend Orchestra Reh

Tuesday Afternoons 3:15-4:45 (Begins October 5th)

Sunday January 16, 2022 High School Rehearsal 4-8pm

There may be a few rehearsals on other days in Dec/Jan as we get closer to performance. 


  1. Instead of casting only one student in each character, the parts will be spread out to include all students who auditioned. We show support to all students involved with a positive attitude.
  2. Bring your script to each rehearsal/highlight. If you lose it, email me:
  3. Parts will be chosen based on audition rubric results: volume, personality, and behavior.
  4. Everyone will receive 7 lines. Some may earn more based on behavior/acting/attendance.
  5. What is typecasting? How does it work? Learn your whole part (cover) in case someone is sick.
  6. Learn the line before your line (your cue line.) Lines in (parentheses) are not spoken.
  7. All actors should be subscribed to the Judd music blog (

SONGS: A Dream Is A Wish, ME, In My Dreams, Bibbidi-Bobbidi, In My Own Little Corner


CINDERELLA OG:  Wise older Cinderella, has a pet mouse named Crystal

CINDERELLA OMG: Young, loves shiny/light up objects, makes inventions when cleaning

PRINCE OG:  Wise older Prince, loves wacky shoes, often extra

PRINCE KICKS:Young, Castle Influencer, has the most followers on the kingdom socials

BOUJEE BARON:  Lots of sass, likes to be in charge

MEME JOKER: Nervous person, Funny

TIK TOK FAIRIES:  Loves to dance, has magical powers

SALTY MOMMA:  Has many children, unkind to Cinderella

SALTY KIDS: (Basic Baes, Wee Pests, Nacho Pals, Tea Testers, Shade Squad) Not so well behaved kids of Salty Momma; bullies Cinderella.


(Baron, Joker, Prince Kicks, Prince OG, Cinderella OG)

BOUJEE BARON:  Hey!!  Watch where you are going!

MEME JOKER:  I’m sorry.  I guess I need some more practice before the performance. 

BOUJEE BARON: Uhh, bruh….take a look at the audience, this IS the performance!


PRINCE KICKS: Allow ME to introduce myself.  I am the Prince in our village.  I’m really important. 

BOUJEE BARON:  The prince still can’t get a date. Hopefully that will change at our next party. 

PRINCE KICKS: Um, wasn’t that a little harsh?

MEME JOKER: The prince isn’t wrong. Did you know that there are a bunch of kids outside doing Tik tok dances and waiting to meet the prince?

PRINCE KICKS:  I don’t know if we should let them in, that’s kinda sus. 

BOUJEE BARON:  I think you’re going to like some of the squad at our next dance. You know you aren’t getting any younger. You’re almost 21. 

MEME JOKER:  Please excuse him, he’s crabby. Too much screen time.  Time to unplug. 

PRINCE KICKS: Surely I will meet the right person this time. And if they can help me get more followers on my socials, it will be a perfect match.

BOUJEE BARON:  Whoa, look over there!  That old person looks like you!

MEME JOKER: Look at his shoes!

PRINCE KICKS:  Omg, those shoes are so last century!

BOUJEE BARON:  Who’s the older babe next to him?

MEME JOKER: Look at the cute little mouse, awwwwww

PRINCE OG:  Hey there, you whippersnappers!  Get off my lawn!

CINDERELLA OG:  Now now, have you had your evening snack yet?  Be nice!

PRINCE KICKS: You look a lot like me; just less good looking.

BOUJEE BARON:  Please excuse him, the Prince needs some work on being respectful.

PRINCE OG: Back in my day, we walked 10 miles uphill in a storm to bring presents to our elders.

CINDERELLA OG:  Don’t listen to that nonsense.  Back in our day, Prince was throwing parties to meet the fabulous me!

PRINCE OG:  Well you are a pretty cute dame with great gams.

MEME JOKER:  That would be a great meme.  I can see it now…ERMAHGERD!

BOUJEE BARON:  Ok, Boomer.  What was it like when you were young?

CINDERELLA OG:  Ah yes, once upon a time, I was very unhappy.

PRINCE OG:  Your stepmother and step sisters were very mean.

CINDERELLA OG: They made me work all day. I wore dirty torn clothes and wasn’t allowed to go to the ball.

PRINCE OG: But then her fairy godmother and animal friends helped her.  

CINDERELLA OG:  Land sakes, they sure did.  They dressed me in a beautiful gown and amazing slippers.


PRINCE OG:  And it was love at first sight when we met.  But she accidentally left one of the slippers at the palace after midnight.

CINDERELLA OG:  I never thought I’d find you again.

PRINCE OG:  Lucky for me for me, after a long search, I found your foot.

CINDERELLA OG: And we are living happily ever after in the suburbs.

BOUJEE BARON:  Our story today is similar to yours with a 21st century twist.

MEME JOKER: I’m just here for the popcorn.

PRINCE KICKS: Do we have a story for you, old timers.  So just sit back and relax…



(Salty Momma, Cinderella OMG, Salty kids, Meme Joker, Boujee Baron, Prince Kicks)


CINDERELLA OMG:  Be right there.

KID: Cinderella, you never do anything.

CINDERELLA OMG: I was just finishing the laundry.

KID:  I’m hungry Cinderella. When are we eating???  

KID: I broke a nail, Cinderella.  Bring me a nail file now!

SALTY MOMMA:   Cinderella, you didn’t mop these floors! I can’t see my beautiful reflection! 

CINDERELLA OMG:  I’m so sorry.  

KID:  Cinderella did that on purpose!

KID:  We put up with way too many shenanigans.

CINDERELLA OMG:  I’ll do better. I promise.

SALTY MOMMA:  Your promises are getting old, dear.

KID:  Cinderella never does anything!  Mother!!!

CINDERELLA OMG: Can I get you anything from the kitchen?

SALTY MOMMA: Yes? What seems to be the problem?

KID: Cinderella gave me a dirty look.


MEME JOKER: Should we come back at a better time?

SALTY MOMMA:  Oh, no!  Please don’t go.  Kids today, so much drama.

PRINCE KICKS: I am here to tell you about an amazing opportunity.

SALTY MOMMA:  What an honor to have you stop by our home!

BOUJEE BARON:  Yes, the honor is all yours.

MEME JOKER: Baron can be a little cringe.  Ignore him.

BOUJEE BARON: Speak for yourself.

PRINCE KICKS:  I would like to personally invite you to my amazing castle.  

SALTY MOMMA:  Oh my goodness.  Be still my heart!

MEME JOKER:  The party is going to be LIT!

BOUJEE BARON:  My parties never disappoint.

PRINCE KICKS: You know I have my own line of shoes right?

BOUJEE BARON:  Anyone who is anyone knows your shoes.

MEME JOKER:  It’s true.  Even my 82 year old mom buys them on ebay.  

SALTY MOMMA:  I’m wearing your latest line of “not so uggs” right now.

PRINCE KICKS:  Well I am looking for a new design.  Something different.

BOUJEE BARON:  We are having a contest across the entire kingdom.


SALTY MOMMA:  Oh my, my children are the smartest in the land. 

BOUJEE BARON:  Well just tell those smart children to invent some DOPE new kicks. 

PRINCE KICKS:  They will win a boatload of cash and perhaps even my love.

SALTY MOMMA:  Oh I will. You are going to be so happy with what they design.

MEME JOKER:  Who’s that cleaning the floor? 

SALTY MOMMA: That’s no one, just someone who does work for me; no one special.

BOUJEE BARON:  Anyone is special enough to follow the prince on socials. 

PRINCE KICKS:  Everyone is invited.

SALTY MOMMA:  Whatever you say, your highness.

MEME JOKER:  It’s gonna be epic!

PRINCE KICKS: We are off.  Have a pleasant day!

SALTY MOMMA:  Ta ta for now!!!

CINDERELLA OMG:  Oh, I am so excited!  A ball!  And I have so many ideas about what shoes I should design!!!

SALTY MOMMA:  Well, well, well. YOU want to go to the ball?

CINDERELLA OMG:  They did say all were invited.

KID:  Not you!!  hahhahahahaha

SALTY MOMMA: Oh Cinderella, you are a funny little thing aren’t you…

KID:  Cinderella has to finish the chores

SALTY MOMMA:  Oh my goodness, that’s true.

KID:  Look at all of the dust!

SALTY MOMMA:  It is pretty dusty since the last time you dusted was yesterday.

KID:  Dust bunnies are everywhere!

SALTY MOMMA:  I may think about letting you go to the ball.


SALTY MOMMA:  Finish the dusting, mopping, window washing, laundry, lawn mowing first.  Then we will talk.

CINDERELLA OMG:   Oh my! I will, step mother I sure will! Oh goodness! Thank you! 

KID :  But mother! Mother! She doesn’t deserve your kindness! 

KID:  She doesn’t deserve ANYTHING!

KID: Why does she get treated so nicely?  We don’t!!

KID:  All I want is a good meal.  Is that too much to ask??

SALTY MOMMA:  Oh, you mustn’t worry. She won’t be able to finish all of these chores! I will make sure!!!  

KID: And what could she possibly wear?  

SALTY MOMMA: Rags are not in style this season! hahahhahaha!


MEME JOKER:  So glad you are here. I think I left my….  

CINDERELLA OMG:  Phone? Here you go.  

MEME JOKER:  Thank you so much! You saved the day.  

CINDERELLA OMG:  You are too kind.

MEME JOKER:  I owe you a dance at the ball.

CINDERELLA OMG:  I don’t think I’ll be able to make it.

MEME JOKER:  But why not?  Everyone is invited!

CINDERELLA OMG:  I have too many chores.  I’ll never finish.

MEME JOKER:  I wish there was some way I could help.

CINDERELLA OMG:  If only I could invent something to help me clean.  

MEME JOKER:  Maybe your family could help you.

CINDERELLA OMG:  I could never ask them.

MEME JOKER:  I’m so sorry.  What are you working on?

CINDERELLA OMG:  I am creating some shoes that I think the prince will love.

MEME JOKER: Oh, I wish you could come to the ball.

CINDERELLA OMG:  It’s ok.  For now my dream will be a wish my heart makes.


SALTY MOMMA:  The ball is tomorrow night and there is SO much to do!

KID:  I need some FANCY CLOTHES!

KID:  I need a new HAIRDO!

KID:  My nails are terrible.  I need a manicure.

KID:  I’ll never finish my invention.


SALTY MOMMA:  Calm down.  Who’s the smartest?

KID:  ME! I’m the smartest.

SALTY MOMMA:  Who’s the sweetest?

KID:  ME! I’m the sweetest!

SALTY MOMMA:  Who’s the coolest?

KID: ME!!!  I’m the coolest.

SALTY MOMMA: Who does everyone want to be ?

KID:  ME! Everyone wants to be ME!  

SALTY MOMMA: And who is it all about?



SALTY MOMMA:  Don’t forget, Cinderella.  After you do the dishes, mop the floor.

KID: Make sure to clean the counters.

KID: Remember to sweep the whole house.  

SALTY MOMMA: I think that is about all.  Not too much to do luckily.

KID:  Do you think there will be enough food for everyone?

KID:  I hear everyone in the kingdom will be at this one.

SALTY MOMMA:  Not everyone….

(They all laugh)

KID:  Oh those royal refreshments….

KID: MOTHER!  We are going to be late!

SALTY MOMMA:  Goodbye Cinderella.  Have a nice evening. Maybe we will bring you a cookie.  (They leave.)