Upcoming 3rd Grade Chorus Performance!

Hello 3rd Grade Chorus! I have some special news. We have been asked to sing “God Bless America” along with 4th grade chorus students from Livingston Park Elementary School at a special community prayer night at the North Brunswick Municipal Building, next Thursday night, June 14th at 6pm.

PERFORMANCE: Judd (3rd Grade) and Livingston Park (4th Grade) will sing God Bless America 6/14/18.
PERFORMANCE TIMES: Families will bring their children at 5:30am to the front lawn of the Municipal Building.
FAMILIES: Families stay with their children until the end of the ceremony.
LOCATION: The front lawn of the Municipal Building; 710 Hermann Road.
CLOTHES TO WEAR: Students should wear white on top and black on the bottom.

Please turn in permission slip as soon as possible. It is due next Wednesday June 13th at 3pm.
3rd Grade Chorus Prayer Service

See you soon! Ms. Perryman (Email: eperryman@nbtschools.org) (Blog: juddsong.blog)