Scenes 5-8 Sound of Music #1022


Scene 5 Edelweiss            

Maria: Anna Y        Uncle Max: Sebastian A    Rolf: Anthony D

Captain: Karan S        Liesl: Allison R       

LIESL: I don’t like the Baroness. 

MARIA: You should give her a chance. 

LIESL:  I have tried.  It’s not working.

MARIA:  Keep trying, we all deserve a chance.

LIESL: I would love to be a beautiful Baroness!

MARIA:  You are to me!  You are a lovely person inside and out!

LIESL:  Thank you so much, Maria.  I don’t always feel so good.  Singing makes me so happy.

MARIA:  Always keep a song in your pocket.  You’ll never regret it!

(Enter Baroness and Uncle Max)

BARONESS: Now, Liesl, I’ll have my tea every day at exactly 2 o’clock, no cream, no sugar. 


BARONESS?  What did you say?

LIESL:  I said yes m’am.

BARONESS:  That’s what I thought.  Please don’t be late with my tea. 

LIESL: She is NO princess. 

MARIA: Liesl, be nice, please.

BARONESS: Excuse me, did you say something?

LIESL: I was just saying…

MARIA: She was just wondering if you would like something to eat?

BARONESS: Oh, I am watching what I eat.

MARIA: You are simply lovely.

BARONESS: Well, thank you.

UNCLE MAX: I agree, Maria. The captain should have a party to show her off. 

BARONESS: What a marvelous idea. I am pretty fabulous. 

UNCLE MAX: Isn’t it about time for the Captain to marry you?

BARONESS: I may have a secret to share soon! (The captain and Rolf enter..)

CAPTAIN: MARIA! I found this young man throwing rocks at Liesl’s window.

ROLF: Oh, Captain. I didn’t see, I mean, I didn’t know…er, uh…I’m sorry. 

LIESL: He didn’t mean anything by it, Father. You would like him!

CAPTAIN: Why are you here, young man?

LIESL: He came over to study. 

ROLF: You have a lovely house, sir.

CAPTAIN: That is very nice of you to say but why were you throwing rocks?

ROLF: Um, well, I didn’t want to bother you, you are a busy person. 

CAPTAIN: Next time, ring the doorbell.

ROLF: Yes, sir.

CAPTAIN: What do you have in your hand?

ROLF: I have a telegram for you. 

LIESL: Is there a telegram for me?

ROLF: Shh!

CAPTAIN: Alright, you’ve delivered your telegram. Time for you to go, now.

ROLF: Yes, sir. Goodbye. 

LIESL: Goodbye, Rolf!

ROLF:  See you later!

LIESL:  Thank you for coming!

ROLF:  Anytime!

LIESL:  Have a good day!

CAPTAIN: That is enough, you two. Goodbye!

MARIA: He is just a boy. You could have been nicer.

CAPTAIN: You take care of the children. Leave me alone. 

LIESL: Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do!

CAPTAIN: Are you singing?? 

MARIA: Doesn’t she have a beautiful voice? 

CAPTAIN: That doesn’t matter. What are we, a singing family?

UNCLE MAX: What a wonderful idea! We can start rehearsing right away!

MARIA: How exciting! 

UNCLE MAX:  Under my management, you will be a famous singing family in NO TIME!

CAPTAIN: Max, we have talked about this before. 

UNCLE MAX: Let’s keep talking about it! Turn that frown upside down!

MARIA: Please consider the idea! Singing makes the children so happy! 

UNCLE MAX:  Don’t you want them to be happy?

MARIA:  You love them so much!

CAPTAIN: You are causing a lot of trouble Maria.

UNCLE MAX:  Captain, it was my idea too.

CAPTAIN:  I have to put up with you. Maria is a different story.

MARIA:  We could tell stories with our songs!  

CAPTAIN:  This is getting out of hand.

MARIA: We could sing songs about our wonderful country of Austria.

UNCLE MAX:  What is that beautiful song about the flower?


UNCLE MAX:  Yes!  Shall we sing it?

CAPTAIN: That is enough. I am finished with this conversation.

MARIA: I am not finished yet, Captain!

CAPTAIN: Oh yes, you are!

MARIA:  You should really watch your temper!

CAPTAIN:  I am in charge here. It’s time for you to go back to the convent.  

MARIA:  Of course you are but it’s time to bring more kindness back to this house.

CAPTAIN: That is NONE of your business.  Leave our house, now.

UNCLE MAX:  Don’t be rash!  Maria has been so wonderful since she came here!

CAPTAIN:  She has been a headache since she came here!

MARIA:  Oh, Captain, I’m so sorry.  I shouldn’t have overstepped. 

CAPTAIN:  No you shouldn’t have.  

MARIA:  Please don’t ask me to leave.  I love it here.

UNCLE MAX:  And the children love her.  You are making a big mistake.

BARONESS: Well this is awkward. Captain, darling, take a minute and don’t make any decisions.  

UNCLE MAX: Don’t you have a special announcement?

CAPTAIN:  Oh alright.  I am so glad you are here and not a problem like some people.

BARONESS:  We should have a party.

UNCLE MAX:  What a fabulous idea!!

CAPTAIN: Okay, Yes, we will have a party and you can stay for now, Maria.  

MARIA: I promise to be on my best behavior!

UNCLE MAX:  Good luck with that, Maria!

MARIA:  You’re not wrong, Max.

BARONESS: I am so proud of myself.  I always fix things, don’t I?

UNCLE MAX:  Yes, you are quite something.

LIESL: Father, may I invite Rolf?

UNCLE MAX: Ahhh young love.

CAPTAIN: Don’t push it!

MARIA: He’s right, Liesl.  Let’s not push it.

LIESL:  But it’s not fair!

MARIA: Your father knows best.  

CAPTAIN:  Thank you, Maria.

UNCLE MAX:  There you go Maria!  You are getting the hang of it.

CAPTAIN: I guess I’ll see you later Maria.

MARIA: See you later, Captain.

BARONESS: Come along, Maria. You need to help me get ready. 

UNCLE MAX:  The crisis is over, at least for now.



Maria: Anna Y Uncle Max: Aaryan S Captain: Denzell K

Liesl: Allison R        Friedrich: Payton R            Louisa: Raina D        Brigitta: Lilybeth B        Marta: Lena Z                Gretel: Sophia C        Rolf: Anthony D        Kurt:  Thor B

ROLF: I am so glad that your father let me come to the party. 

LIESL: Maria convinced him.

UNCLE MAX:  Now we need to get Maria to convince him that singing should be allowed and encouraged!

ROLF:  I guess they aren’t fighting anymore.

LIESL:  You’re right.  He even laughs at her silly jokes now.

UNCLE MAX:  Cupid has come to this lovely home.

ROLF:  I am so glad they are getting along.

LIESL:  He is so much happier since Maria came to live with us. 

UNCLE MAX:  And I will be happy as the manager of the Von Trapp family singers.

ROLF: I hope Maria never leaves. 

LIESL: She will have to leave if Father marries the Baroness.

ROLF: I think your father likes Maria better. 

UNCLE MAX:  I think you are right, young man.  (Uncle Max leaves)

LIESL: Hmmm, maybe he does!  I know I DO!!  Girls, let’s practice your curtsy.    

GRETEL: Won’t my knees get tired?

LOUISA: That is the price of being beautiful. 

FRIEDRICH: You aren’t talking about you, are you?

KURT: I think the girls look great. But then again, I am the most beautiful!

BRIGITTA: Dance with me! Don’t be scared!

MARTA: We’ve never had a party in the house before, this is so exciting.


LOUISA: There used to be lots of parties here.

FRIEDERICH: Kurt & I used to sneak out and watch everyone from the top of the stairs.

KURT: Father never caught us.  We are fast like lightning.

BRIGITTA: You are so lucky.  You would have been grounded!

MARTA: I never have any fun.

GRETEL:  I can’t wait to grow up.  Being little is a bummer.

LOUISA: I was small but I remember the wonderful orchestra. 

FRIEDRICH:  My favorite instruments were the strings playing the waltzs.

BRIGITTA: Who are you dancing with, Kurt?

KURT: My favorite person, me!

MARTA:  Dance with me, little sister!

GRETEL:  Let’s spin around!  (They fall down and laugh)

ROLF:  May I have this dance, Liesl?

LIESL:  I thought that you would never ask.

MARIA: Children, why didn’t you tell me you could dance?

LOUISA:  You know why.  Too much fun makes father sad.

FRIEDRICK: I was afraid you’d make us dance together.

MARIA: (To Kurt) May I have this dance Friedrich?

FRIEDRICH: Of course!


MARIA: (surprised) Oh dear. 

FRIEDRICH:  Maria was my partner! Ok fine father.

CAPTAIN:  Thank you, son.

MARIA:  I guess it’s ok.  (They dance)

LOUISA:  They look so lovely together.

FRIEDRICH:  I am glad they aren’t mad at each other anymore.

BRIGITTA:  Father is looking at her with a big smile.

KURT:  I love when he smiles.

MARTA:  He barely smiles anymore.

GRETEL:  He smiles at me because I am so cute.

LOUISA:  I wish Maria could be father’s new wife.

FRIEDRICH:  They do seem happy whenever they are together.

BRIGITTA:  Maybe we can put a frog in Baroness’ pocket book!

KURT:  Let’s go get the frogs in my room!

MARTA:  I can help!!

GRETEL: Me too!  I want Maria to stay with us forever! (Baroness and Uncle Max enter)

BARONESS: GEORGE!  There you are!  How nice of you to dance with our Nanny!

UNCLE MAX:  Relax darling, they were just dancing.

MARIA:  I am so sorry.  (She runs out of the room)

CAPTAIN:  Max is right.  We were just dancing, no big deal.

UNCLE MAX:  No big deal at all, breathe in and out.

BARONESS:  I don’t need to breathe!

UNCLE MAX:  It can’t hurt. 

FRIEDRICH:  Uh oh, now what??

LOUISA:  Maria, you are blushing!

BRIGITTA:  You should keep dancing!

KURT:  I’ll dance with the Baroness.  I have great moves.

MARTA: The Baroness won’t mind.

GRETEL:  Come and play a game with me Baroness.

BARONESS:  It’s time for our announcement George!

UNCLE MAX:  She’s right!  It’s time for your announcement!

CAPTAIN:  Um, yes, of course…

BARONESS:  Don’t be shy, George.

CAPTAIN:  I am feeling kind of tired.

BARONESS:  You can always sleep.

ALL KIDS:  What’s the announcement father??

CAPTAIN:  Well, we wanted to tell you……….

ALL KIDS:  Yes????

CAPTAIN:  We had something important to tell you……


CAPTAIN:  What was it again?


BARONESS:  We are getting married!!

CAPTAIN:  Yes, um, we are getting married.


UNCLE MAX:  Children meet your new mother.

CAPTAIN:  Children, be nice.

BARONESS:  That’s ok, children.  It’s time for me to powder my nose.

CAPTAIN:  Good idea, come back and we can dance a waltz together!

UNCLE MAX:  It won’t be like a waltz with Maria.

BARONESS:  What did you say?

UNCLE MAX:  I said it will be the best waltz ever.

CAPTAIN:  Yes it will!

UNCLE MAX:  Let’s go now.  You can show me your engagement ring!  I LOVE DIAMONDS!

BARONESS:  I need a vacation.  (They leave)

LOUISA:  Father, where did Maria go?

FRIEDRICH:  I don’t see her anywhere!

KURT:  Oh no!!  She’s gone!

BRIGITTA:  We have to find her.

MARTA:  Maybe she went back to being a nun.

GRETEL:  She is probably sad.

CHILDREN: What are we going to do?  We must find her!


Maria: Alayna A

RM: Mikayla J

Brother Fix it: Damien L

Brother Fun: Andy S

Brother Boss: Kendrick

Brother Kind: Malek B

Brother No: Ayoub E

Brother Yes: Aiden T

Brother Get Out: Nathan T

Sister Grace: Sarahlee S

Sister Hope: Allison L

Sister Tea: Elizabeth Ad

Sister Sus: Zoey C

Sister Wise: Elizabeth Al

Sister Sparkle: Francesca S

Sister Kind: Avery Daniel     

MONK 1: I need to do some work on the roof. 

MONK 2: That’s no fun at all.  

MONK 3: Work before fun; that’s the rule!

MONK 4: Are we being kind to each other today?

MONK 5: No, not really. There’s definitely room for improvement. 

MONK 6: Yes yes yes! We will be kind! It’s the right thing to do!

MONK 7: BUG! There’s a bug! Get out of here little bug! Ahhhhhhh!

SISTER 1: Now now, grace is always the answer even with unwelcomed bugs!

SISTER 2: Keep that bug away from me. Thank you very much. 

SISTER 3: Our reverend mother teaches us to love all creatures!

SISTER 4: I heard there’s HUGE lantern flies in the garden!

SISTER 5: I saw the brothers playing with them!

MONKS: What???? No way!

SISTER 6: Now, now, we mustn’t raise our voices. 

SISTER 7: Use your inside voices please!

SISTER 8: Zip it, lock it, put it in your pocket. 

SISTER 9: Perhaps it’s time to put away our childish phrases. (Maria runs in)


MARIA: I am glad to see you.

RM: What happened? Why did you come back? 

MARIA: I just can’t stay there anymore.

SISTERS/MONKS: You have been there for 2 months.

RM: Did the kids behave?

MARIA: They are wonderful. 

SISTERS/MONKS: Did the captain behave?

RM: I hope he was nice to you.

MARIA: That is the problem.

SISTERS/MONKS: Uh oh, this is not good. 

RM: I was hoping this would work out. 

MARIA: I am so sorry but I think I love the captain. 

SISTERS/MONKS: Maybe it did work!

RM: Let maria speak please!

MARIA: I didn’t mean for it to happen…

SISTERS/MONKS: This is so exciting. Where’s the popcorn?

RM: Kindly control yourselves. 

MARIA: The worst thing is I think he loves me!

SISTERS/MONKS:  The Lord works in mysterious ways. 

MARIA: Have I disappointed you? 

REVEREND MOTHER:  You haven’t disappointed me.  You have made me proud.

MARIA: Are you sure?

REVEREND MOTHER:  Your gifts of music and love have helped this family.

MARIA:  They have helped me too.  I love them.

SISTERS/MONKS: This is a blessing. 

REVEREND MOTHER:  But now you have run away from your new family.

MARIA:  Oh, no!  What should I do?

REVEREND MOTHER:  You should follow your heart.


MARIA:  It may be time to follow my heart. 

SISTERS/MONKS: Follow the rainbow. 

REVEREND MOTHER:  Till you find your dream.



Maria: Alayna A            Uncle Max: Aaryan S        RM: Khadijah S

Captain: Emmanuel K Rolf: Andrew M Liesl: Allison R

Friedrich: Payton R Louisa: Raina D Brigitta: Lilybeth B

Kurt: Michael K            Marta: Lena Z            Gretel: Sophia C

(Back at the convent)

MARIA:  You asked to see me, Reverend Mother?  I was praying in the chapel.

RM: Maria, tell me without the others here.  What happened with the family.

MARIA:  I missed being here.

RM:  But you were so happy in your letters to us.

MARIA:  I guess.

RM:  You talked about the kids and Captain so much it almost seemed like you loved them.

MARIA: They are nice people but they have the Baroness now.

RM:  What do you mean?

MARIA:  The Captain is getting married so it was time for me to go.

RM:  Oh, I see.  How do you feel about that?

MARIA:  Oh REVEREND MOTHER! I am so sorry.  I have to confess.

RM:  No need, my child.  I already know what is on your heart.

MARIA:  Is it obvious?  Do you think the Captain knows?

RM: He knows because he loves you too.

MARIA:  How do you know for sure?

RM:  The children came to see you.  They all miss you so much. 

MARIA:  That’s terrible. He’s getting married!

RM: Maybe things have changed.

MARIA:  What should I do?

RM:  You have to face your fears.  I think it was meant to be that you would be their nanny and fall in love with the Captain.

MARIA:  Do you really think so?

RM:  Yes I do.  Climb every mountain, Maria, ford every stream….

MARIA:  I will follow every rainbow until I find my dream.  I have to go now!

RM:  Bless you, Maria.

(Back at the Von Trapps house)

UNCLE MAX: Kurt, what happened to your beautiful voice?

KURT:  My voice needs to be hydrated.

UNCLE MAX:  I can get you some water.

KURT:  I have a sore toe.

UNCLE MAX: I don’t think that affects your singing.

KURT: Singing is boring.

UNCLE MAX:  You LOVE to sing, Kurt.

KURT: Ok, fine, I miss Maria. 

ALL CHILDREN: Wahh!!! (enter Rolf)

ROLF:  Liesl, please give this to your father immediately.

LIESL: Oh, Rolf! I am so happy to see you!

ROLF: Ok, ok, that’s fine.  But don’t forget to read this!

LIESL:  Why do you sound different?

ROLF: I am afraid that I don’t have very good news. 

LIESL: What does the telegram say?

ROLF:  Your father will have to read it.

LIESL:  We can meet at our special place!

ROLF:  No we can’t.  I have more important things to do now.

LIESL: You are breaking my heart.

CAPTAIN:  What is going on here?  Give me that telegram.

ROLF:  It is urgent sir.

CAPTAIN:   I have been called into the Navy. 

ROLF:  It is mandatory that you go.

CAPTAIN: I have to report tomorrow morning.

LIESL:  How could you do this Rolf?

ROLF:  It’s my job. I am being sent away too.

LIESL:  I don’t know what I am going to do.  Will I ever see you again Rolf?

ROLF:  I don’t know.  I have to go now.  

LIESL:  Will I ever see you again?

ROLF:  Maybe.  We just had a childhood crush.  I have more important things to do.  

LIESL:  Well goodbye then.  Just go.

ROLF:  Goodbye Liesl.

(Maria enters)

MARIA:  It’s going to be ok, Liesl!  I’m here now.


CAPTAIN:  Yes!  Maria you’re back!

MARIA:  I missed you so much!  

CAPTAIN:  We missed you too!  I missed you.

MARIA:  Where is the Baroness?

CAPTAIN:  I sent her away.


CAPTAIN:  Because I don’t love her.  I told the Baroness that we had to find you.

MARIA:  Find me?

CAPTAIN:  The children missed you.  And, I missed you.

MARIA:  I missed you too.

CAPTAIN:  I love you Maria.  We love you.

MARIA:  I love you all.  I am sorry I ran away.  I guess I was scared.

CAPTAIN:  You’re back now.  I am so glad.  Will you stay?

MARIA:  Yes!

ALL: YAY!!!!!

CAPTAIN:  I think we should take Max’s advice and become a singing group.

UNCLE MAX:  Now, you’re talking!

LOUISA:  I am soooo happy!

FRIEDRICH:  I get to sing the low notes!!

KURT:  We’re gonna sing!  We’re gonna sing!  We’re gonna sing!

BRIGITTA:  I have the perfect dress!

MARTA:  Maybe we can sing a unicorn song!

GRETEL:  I get to sing the high notes!

LIESL:  What about the note from Rolf that you have to join the Navy? 

MARIA:  OH NO!  Austria is changing so much!

LIESL: I can’t believe I ever liked Rolf.

CAPTAIN:  I don’t feel good about returning to the Navy.

MARIA:  I think we should take our singing family on the road.

CAPTAIN:  That’s a great idea.

MARIA:  Maybe we can go to the United States?

CAPTAIN:  Sure!! Maria, would you marry me?  Be my wife and mother to the children!

MARIA:  YES!! I say, YES.  I love you all so much!  (They hug)

UNCLE MAX:  Will my favorite singing family sing for me before they leave?