Say hello to our Linwood, NBTMS, & High School Choir Teachers!

Ms Perryman with Ms. Jurgens (Linwood music), Mr. Gray (NBTHS music), Ms. Clark (NBTS music)

Meet our new Linwood chorus teacher, Ms Jurgens! Some fun facts include:

-I am from Allentown, NJ

-I teach 5/6 Chorus, General Music, and Music Appreciation at Linwood

-My favorite food is dinosaur chicken nuggets 

-My favorite color is green

-I love giraffes

-I also really love Dollar Tree, and I like to go to thrift stores

-My coworkers make fun of me every single day because I like to drink hot coffee with a regular-sized straw

-Before teaching here, I worked at Wawa for 6 years and Princeton Girl Choir for 1.5 years

-I love to read