Sound of Music Rehearsals Start This Week! #1092022

CAST: Alayna A, Elizabeth A, Sebastian A, Sofia A, Kaylene B, Leanne B, Lilybeth B, Malek B, Thor B, Kobe B, Kai B, Sophia C, Zoey C, Astrid C, Mohamed C, Dominic D, Avery D, Harry D, Anthony D, Raina D, Ayoub E, Katherine F, Olivia H, Mikayla J,Denzell K, Emmanuel K, Michael K, Kendrick L, Allison L, Damien L, Andrew M, Eli M, Riley M, Kaitlyn M, Zoey O, Sophia P, Payton R, Allison R, Makayla R, Francesca S, Khadijah S, Isabella S, Aaryan S, Tassneem S, Karan S, Andy S, Sarahlee S, Aiden T, Nathan T, Anna Y, Lena Z

Make Sure To Sign Play Permission Slip:


Monday Mornings @ 7:55am (Starts Week Of Oct 10th)

Tuesday Afternoons (Begins Week Of October 10th)

Meet Ms Perryman in the back of the gym. Leal students should go directly to Ms Perryman. Leal students should let me know if they will be picked up at the end of rehearsal or go to leal. 


OCTOBER 3:10-4:30pm   

NOVEMBER 3:10-4:45pm 

DECEMBER 3:10-5pm

JANUARY 3:10-5:30pm

*Any 4th Grade Actor who is also in Orchestra should attend Orchestra Rehearsal

Sunday January 22, 2023 High School Rehearsal 4-8pm (All actors attend)

STUDENT PICK UP:  Families arrange pick up on Tuesday. Pick up students in front of the school.  Students may not walk home as there are no crossing guards at that time.


Tues. 1/24/23 @ 9:30am @ JUDD Tues. 1/24/23 @ 7pm @NBTHS