Shenandoah River

Also known as “Oh Shenandoah” or “Across The Wide Missouri,” the origin of this traditional American folk song remains a mystery, though it gained popularity as a sea shanty in the mid-1800s.

The origins of “Shenandoah,” perhaps one of America’s most recognizable folk tunes, are not so clear. Like many folk songs, it is impossible to determine exactly when the song was composed, yet the song probably did not originate later than the Civil War. In any case, by the end of the 19th century, “Shenandoah” had achieved widespread popularity, both on land and at sea.

Choir singing Shenandoah:

Low male voice singing Shenandoah:

9 year old girl singing Shenandoah:

High female voice singing Shenandoah:

Higher male voice singing Shenandoah:

The Shenandoah Valley

(nicknamed “The Big Valley” ) is a geographic valley and cultural region of western Virginia and the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia in the United States. The valley is bounded on the east by the Blue Ridge Mountains.