Rap: Chanted Street Poetry #2142021


Hey, everybody, let’s write a rap. First there’s a rhythm you’ll need to clap.

Keep that rhythm and stay in time,‘cause a rap needs rhythm and a good strong rhyme.

The rhyme keeps coming in the very same place so don’t fall behind and try not to race.

The rhythm keeps the rap on a regular beat and the rhyme helps to wrap your rap up neat.

‘But what’ll we write?’ I hear you shout. There ain’t no rules for what a rap’s about.

You can rap about hobbies, you can rap about a king, you can rap about almost … anything!

You can rap about your gaming, you can rap about the floor, you can rap on the window, or rap on the door. You can rap about a treasure hidden in a box, you can rap about a pair of smelly old socks. You can rap about something that’s over and gone, you can rap about staying up all night till dawn. It’s a rap. It’s a rap. It’s a rap rap rap rap RAP!