Cinderella Costumes! #20212022

Costumes are due on Tuesday December 21st rehearsal. All students will be expected to come to this rehearsal. See info below for your costume.


CINDERELLA is typically set during a time period from 1840-1880 when clothing styles were traditionally more elaborate and specific than today’s fashions. Judd’s costume version is a mix of the traditional and current styles. Below are costume suggestions listed by character and/or scene.


Traditional Ball Gown as seen in Animated Version
Blue floor length dress with short puffy sleeves and full skirt

**Available online at Amazon, Halloween Express, or other retailers

Gloves, choker, and blue headband/ribbon or tiara are optional.

Shoes are glass slippers.

This costume is for the following cast members:
Madison K – Scene 1
Erin F – Scene 5

Traditional “Housework” Rags Costume seen in Animated Version. This costume can be easily put together by using a peasant style blouse (white, cream or off-white in color), mid-calf length skirt (brown, tan, or earthy colors), apron (white or cream) and kerchief/cotton head scarf in a coordinating color.

**See Amazon’s “Women’s Cinders Rags Peasant Costume Maid Dress as example.

Shoes are black flats (not shiny) or similar. No sneakers.

This costume is for the following cast members:
Hazel L – Scene 2
Sophia S – Scene 3
Emmanuela K-Scene 4
Robin W – Scene 6


Traditional Prince Outfit as in Animated Version

Military style uniform jacket with epaulets (shoulder pads with fringe), sash and/or belt.

Pants with stripe down side seams.

Costume is either a Royal Blue jacket with Black or White pants OR a White/Cream jacket with Red pants

Shoes are shiny black

*Available online at Amazon, Halloween Express, or other retailers

This costume is for the following cast members:

Karan K – Scene 1 Nathaniel T – Scene 2

Payton R – Scene 5 Mason R – Scene 6

Prince “Original” Attire
Suit jacket and pants, white shirt, necktie or bow tie
Shoes are “light up/shiny” as specifically described by Ms. Perryman for this plot

This costume is for the following cast members:
George K – Scene 1
Olaitan O – Scene 4


This character is a Butler of sorts and attire is as follows:

Suit and tie similar to Prince Original
OR Waiter’s style vest, white shirt, neck tie or bow tie

Shoes (black or brown), no sneakers

This costume is for the following cast members:
Ian R, Sebastian A, Nico O, Andrew M, Mikayla J


This character is a Court Jester (a member of a castle employed to entertain guests during medieval and Renaissance times). Suggested costumes are:

*Traditional Court Jester costume or similar such as:

*Colorful “blousy” top/shirt and colorful full baggy pants
*Bright colored oversized sweatshirt and slightly oversized black sweatpants
*Jester hat or Jester headband (see online at Amazon)

This Court Jester costume is recommended for the following cast members:
Jake J – Scene 3
Denzell K – Scene 4
Connor C – Scene 5
Ian B – Scene 6

The following cast members may choose either a Court Jester costume as described above OR a Clown or Clown-like costume (as described below).
Jaron D – Scene 1
Harrison D – Scene 2

Traditional Clown costume OR
*Colorful (maybe with polka dots) full blousy top with large pom poms on center front
*Colorful full pants.
*Clown hat. No Clown wigs or clown noses.


These characters represent Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother. However, the costume will not be the traditional fancy gown seen in the animated version. 

ALL costume pieces listed below should be BRIGHT, VIVID COLORS. Please coordinate (not necessarily match) colors of all pieces.

Preferred items include:
*Leotard (short or long sleeves) or a top that looks similar
*Tights or leggings
*Tutu of any length (to hip, to knee, skirt length)
*Shoes – Ballet slippers or bright sneakers in a color that coordinates with your complete costume
*Headpieces – Sparkly headband, barrettes, ribbons.
*Headpieces for “Head Dancers” (Tosin O and Eli P) – Tiara
*LED fairy/snowflake wands 

**Please remember that headpieces should be tightly secured to your hair to avoid losing them when dancing!

This character represents Cinderella’s Stepmother. Please keep in mind that the look is matronly (conservative older woman), not too fancy, but nice (remember, Cinderella does the housework!).

 With the exception of SCENE 5: THE BALL (Astrid C), the suggested costume is as follows:

*Dress OR blouse with skirt. Length should be below knees.
*Nice shoes (flats or small heels). NO sneakers!
*Lots of “mismatched” jewelry

This costume is for the following cast members:
Molly H and Susan O – Scene 2
Riley M – Scene 3
Noor E – Scene 6

Suggested costume for Astrid C – Scene 5
*Fancy dress/gown but still matronly
*Nice shoes – small heel if possible
*Lots of “mismatched” jewelry


These characters represent Cinderella’s stepsisters and stepbrothers. Due to the time period, the following clothing items should NOT be worn:

**NO T-shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants, blue jeans or shorts.
**Also, girls should NOT wear pants or leggings since these were not acceptable at that time.

GIRLS – Suggested costume items should be nice, somewhat fancy, and brightly colored (NO BLACK!).

These include:
* Dress OR blouse with skirt. Length should be below knees.
*Nice Shoes, no sneakers
*Wild hair. May add headpieces (barrettes, clips, combs, ribbons, headbands, etc.)

BOYS – Suggested costume items should be nice, with a Prep School look.
*Shirt, either button front or polo, preferably brightly colored (NO BLACK OR WHITE). May be short or long sleeves.
*Pants – any color is fine including black
*Nice Shoes, no sneakers
*Optional Accessories – Vest (button-front, not sweater vest), belt, suspenders, neck tie, bow tie