Cinderella Scene 3 & 4 #20212022

SCENE THREE: DREAMS (Meme Joker/Cinderella OMG/Salty Momma/Kids)

Meme Joker-Jake J

Cinderella OMG-Sophia P

Salty Momma-Riley M

Salty Kids-Violet C, Angelia H, Yaneliz U

MEME JOKER:  So glad you are here. I think I left my….  

CINDERELLA OMG:  Phone? Here you go.  

MEME JOKER:  Thank you so much! You saved the day.  

CINDERELLA OMG:  You are too kind.

MEME JOKER:  I owe you a dance at the ball.

CINDERELLA OMG:  I don’t think I’ll be able to make it.

MEME JOKER:  But why not?  Everyone is invited!

CINDERELLA OMG:  I have too many chores.  I’ll never finish.

MEME JOKER:  I wish there was some way I could help.

CINDERELLA OMG:  If only I could invent something to help me clean.  

MEME JOKER: Maybe your family could help you.

CINDERELLA OMG:  I could never ask them.

MEME JOKER:  I’m so sorry.  What are you working on?

CINDERELLA OMG:  I am creating some shoes that I think the prince will love.

MEME JOKER: Oh, I wish you could come to the ball.

CINDERELLA OMG:  It’s ok.  For now my dream will be a wish my heart makes.


SALTY MOMMA:  The ball is tomorrow night and there is SO much to do!

KID:  I need some FANCY CLOTHES!

KID:  I need a new HAIRDO!

KID:  My nails are terrible.  I need a manicure.

KID:  I’ll never finish my invention.


SALTY MOMMA:  Calm down.  Who’s the smartest?

KID:  ME! I’m the smartest.

SALTY MOMMA:  Who’s the sweetest?

KID:  ME! I’m the sweetest!

SALTY MOMMA:  Who’s the coolest?

KID: ME!!!  I’m the coolest.

SALTY MOMMA: Who does everyone want to be ?

KID:  ME! Everyone wants to be ME!  

SALTY MOMMA: And who is it all about?



SALTY MOMMA:  Don’t forget, Cinderella.  After you do the dishes, mop the floor.

KID: Make sure to clean the counters.

KID: Remember to sweep the whole house.  

SALTY MOMMA: I think that is about all.  Not too much to do luckily.

KID:  Do you think there will be enough food for everyone?

KID:  I hear everyone in the kingdom will be at this one.

SALTY MOMMA:  Not everyone….

(They all laugh)

KID:  Oh those royal refreshments….

KID: MOTHER!  We are going to be late!

SALTY MOMMA: Goodbye Cinderella. Have a nice evening. Maybe we will bring you a cookie. (They leave.)


Cinderella OMG-Emmanuela K

Prince OG-Olaitan O

Baron-Nico O

Meme Joker-Denzell K

Tik Tok Dancers/Fairies- Emma C, Zayah L, Allison L Kaitlyn M, Tapaysa P, Eli P

CINDERELLA OMG:  Woe is me. My life is so emo.  I didn’t ask to be in this fairy tale.

TIK TOK FAIRY:  Did someone say Emo or Fairy?  

TIK TOK FAIRY:  Emo Fairy at your service.

TIK TOK FAIRY: Whoa, where am I?  Who are you? (Fairies do the floss)

CINDERELLA OMG:  Who are you and why are you doing the floss? 

TIK TOK FAIRY:  We always do the floss when we meet new people.

CINDERELLA OMG:  Um ok.  Well I don’t mean to be rude but I have work to do.

TIK TOK FAIRY: Honey, we’ve come here to save you from this um…BASIC life.

CINDERELLA OMG:  Please don’t take this the wrong way but I don’t think you can help me.

TIK TOK FAIRY:  You clearly underestimate the power of tik tok dances.

TIK TOK FAIRY:  And LED fairy wands.  Snap!

CINDERELLA OMG: Now I am imagining things.  Must be too much dusting.

TIK TOK FAIRY:  We are not imaginary.  We are very real. 

CINDERELLA OMG:  You are going to help me clean?

TIK TOK FAIRY:  My contract said nothing about cleaning.  

TIK TOK FAIRY: Settle down there, junior. We are here to help, remember?

TIK TOK FAIRY:  We have skills, it’s true. 

TIK TOK FAIRY:  What are you working on?

CINDERELLA:  Well, I was trying to invent something new for the prince and since the prince loves shoes, I created light up shoes that can fit anyone.

TIK TOK FAIRY:  Now that is objectively cool. The prince is going to love that.

CINDERELLA OMG:  It doesn’t matter anymore though.  It’s too late.  There’s no hope.  

TIK TOK FAIRY:  It’s time to turn your frown upside down.

TIK TOK FAIRY:  Her dress is a mess.  She has no shoes. All the ubers are busy. It won’t be easy.

CINDERELLA: Now I feel even worse.  I am failing at life.

TIK TOK FAIRY: You worry way too much. Did you ever think about doing meditation?

TIK TOK FAIRY: Listen up everyone, I’ve got this. It’s time to work our magic. 

TIK TOK FAIRY: Use those pumpkins for coach drivers.  

TIK TOK FAIRY:  Check me out. BIBBIDI BOBBIDI BOO! I turned pumpkins into horses. 


TIK TOK FAIRY:  It’s all good, you are in good hands with this squad.

CINDERELLA: This is incredible!!!  I am going to the ball!!  I can’t wait to share my invention!

TIK TOK FAIRY:  Not in that outfit.  Squad, gather around.  We have some work to do.

TIK TOK FAIRY:  I know we are good but this extreme makeover is going to need some singing..

ALL: 5 6 7 8…


Cinderella:  Bibbidi bobbidi (repeating it over and over again)

TIK TOK FAIRY:  We need to tell you something before you leave.

CINDERELLA:  Now what?

TIK TOK FAIRY:  We have one little issue with our spells.

CINDERELLA:  What is it???

TIK TOK FAIRY: Our spells end at midnight. We can’t find a spell technician who wants to work these days.

TIK TOK FAIRY:  Once the clock strikes twelve, our magic will wear off and you will go back to normal.

TIK TOK FAIRY:  Make sure you leave right before the stroke of midnight.

CINDERELLA:  I will. I promise.  Thank you! (They leave)

(Enter Baron, Jester, and Prince OG)

BARON:  How did I get here?  One minute ago I was at the castle…

JESTER:  And I was chatting up some good looking babes.  Great.

BARON:  There’s more to life than babes you know.

JESTER:  Like what?

BARON:  Castle Fortnite, A prince among us, playing with glass slipper pop its…

JESTER:  You do make a point.

BARON:  Why do I have a pumpkin in my hand?

JESTER:  Hey, I have one too!

PRINCE OG:  Excuse me! Get to work you two!    

BARON:  Pardon me, how can we help you?

PRINCE OG:  Didn’t you get a notification on your castle device?

JESTER:  Oh yeah, I must have silenced it.

PRINCE OG:  And they call ME the old prince!

BARON: You know, you shouldn’t spend your whole life glued to a screen.

JESTER: OMG.  I forgot about the notification,  We have to pick up that cute Cinderella.

PRINCE OG:  Wait until you see her.  She has entered the tik tok universe.  

BARON:  I’m not so sure that is such a good thing.

PRINCE OG:  I would agree with you normally but as you crazy kids say these days, the outfit is on fleek!

JESTER:  I guess no more netflix and chilling for Cinderella!

PRINCE OG:  Nope.  Not tonight. The night will be epic when Cinderella and the Prince meet.

BARON:  But does Cinderella have an invention to bring?

JESTER:  The prince loves really creative people.

PRINCE OG:  Cinderella is the most creative person I know.

BARON:  Wait, how do you know Cinderella?

PRINCE OG:  I meant to say, I’ll bet Cinderella is the most creative person I’d ever know.

BARON:  Anyway.  We should probably get going.

JESTER:  Cinderella does need amazing escorts like us.

PRINCE OG:  Stop your lollygagging and get to work you two!

BARON:  Oh my, I haven’t heard that word since the last century.

JESTER:  Grandma Janet likes to use that word.

PRINCE: Some things never change with these two. Off you go!