Judd Chorus & Recorder Covid Info #2021

Please see our safety precautions for rehearsals. See you soon!

  1. Stay home if you feel sick.
  2. Rehearsals will meet live unless notified on music blog by 7am that day. Please subscribe to blog for updates (juddsong.blog.)
  3. In the case of inclement weather, we will meet virtually. Meet codes: 3rd Grade Chorus (juddchorus3), 4th grade chorus (juddchorus4), and 4th grade advanced recorders (juddadvrec4).
  4. All students wear masks; please hand sanitize before and after rehearsal.
  5. Recorders will be played by placing the recorder under the mask.
  6. We meet for live rehearsals at 7:55am at the Judd main entrance. Doors do not open before 7:55am.
  7. 4th grade selected Advanced Recorder students bring their own recorder. They will receive one to keep at the first rehearsal. No recorders will be borrowed or shared.
  8. All students should bring their own folder. Once music is handed out, they should use their own music.
  9. Students will be distanced from each other in rehearsal facing forward.
  10. 3/4th grade chorus morning rehearsals may be split by classes. Stay tuned for updates.