Happy New Year! 4th Grade Advanced Recorders begins next Friday 9.3.2021! 3/4th Grade Chorus is coming very soon!

Advanced Recorders 2021-2022!

Hello!! I’ve missed you and can’t wait to see you! Our first practice is coming soon. It is Friday September 3rd from 7:55-8:20am. You will receive a new recorder at rehearsal to take home and keep. Please bring a music folder and recorder to each rehearsal. See you soon!

Viraj Batta, Keshav Candadai, Dexter Carton, Connor Chan, Jeremy Chen, Jaron De La Cruz, Noor Eid, Aaron Interjit, Aiden Jenkins, Emmanuela Kanterakis, George Kanterakis, Bret Ketrow, Madison Kwiatek, Hazel Lau, Henry Mannah, Hanif McClinton, Aryan Mistry, Susan Onyameh, Tapaysa Patel, Eli Poku, Joziah Roman

Please see our safety precautions for rehearsals:

  1. Stay home if you feel sick.
  2. Rehearsals will meet outside, weather cooperating. In the case of inclement weather, we will meet virtually. We meet in person unless an update is posted as virtual on the judd music blog. 
  3. Outside rehearsals will meet from 7:55-8:20am. If virtual is needed, we will meet from 745-8:10am.
  4. Our virtual rehearsal code is juddadvrec4. 
  5. All will wear masks placing the recorder under the mask.
  6. We meet for live rehearsals at 7:55am at the Judd main entrance. Doors do not open before 7:55am. 
  7. No recorders will be borrowed or shared. Make sure to subscribe to juddsong.blog for rehearsal updates and information.