Judd School Chorus!

Be in Judd 3/4th grade chorus! Sing fun songs, present a winter & spring concert, have a great time with friends, choose to be an actor or sing a solo, and go on cool field trips! Judd loves for students to get a chance to play instruments and sing in chorus. We make sure our rehearsals are at different times. All you need to do to be in chorus is come to the rehearsals below. Can’t wait to see you!

Here’s a sneak peek!

Fun songs from our groups this year: https://video.link/w/RB2yc

Our rehearsal schedule next year is:

3rd grade chorus-Wednesday at 8:15am (starting September 8, 2021)

4th grade chorus-Thursday at 8:15am (starting September 9, 2021)

We meet at Judd’s front lobby on rehearsal days. Families drop you off at the front loop. Our front door opens at 8:15am.

Check juddsong.blog this summer for jokes on Sunday and Wednesday contests!