3/4th Grade Concert Survey #spring2021

Dear Judd Music Families, 

It is an exciting month for our Judd Musicians! All students in the 3rd/4th Grade String Orchestra, Band, Advanced Recorders, and Chorus will have the opportunity to perform in an outdoor concert on Monday May 17th from 6-8pm!


1.Please complete the Student Health Survey in the Parent Portal. 

2.Please fill out form below and email responses to Ms Perryman @ eperryman@nbtschools.org.

Student Name: First Last

Student Classroom Teacher:

Family Email:

Name of Parent/Guardian: First Last

Which musical ensemble(s) does your child participate in? (please circle all that apply):

Emergency Contact Email Address:

3rd Grade Chorus

4th Grade Chorus

4th Grade Advanced Recorders

3rd Grade String Orchestra

4th Grade String Orchestra

4th Grade Band

All groups will be performing live for an in-person outdoor concert on May 17th at 7PM. Only students and teachers will be in attendance. It will be recorded to share with friends and family. Will your child be participating in this in-person outdoor concert?

In the event of rain, location will move from the playground blacktop at Judd to the pavilion at Veteran’s Park. Do we have permission for your child to perform at Veteran’s Park in the event of rain? *

Emergency Contact Information: First Name, Last Name:

Emergency Contact Phone Number:

REQUIRED IF PARTICIPATING: (please read and reply with a yes)

I give permission for my child to participate in the live outdoor concert at Judd Elementary School on May 17th at 7PM.

I understand that the Judd Student Health Contract must be completed in the Parent Portal in order for my child to attend the in-person performance.

I understand that I will need to drop off my child at 6PM and pick them up at 8PM on May 17th.

I understand that all students must wear a mask and stay socially distanced during the event.