Music Class 4.12-4.16 #starspangledbanner #fiftynifty #spring2021

ALABAMA-first rocket built there, first state to celebrate Christmas, most snails in the country, world largest chair

ALASKA-largest state, bought from Russia, has polar bears and volcanos, flag was created by a 13 year old

ARIZONA-home of the Grand Canyon, 13 types of snakes, sunlight for 85% of the year, 21 Native American tribes

ARKANSAS-has many caves, only place in the US that discovers and mines diamonds, they have a world cheese dip competition each year

CALIFORNIA-most popular place to visit in the world, 38 million people in the state, first McDonald’s was opened there, they have trees so big you can drive through them

COLORADO-state means colored red in Spanish, jolly ranchers were invented here, they have dinosaur tracks

CONNECTICUT-3rd smallest state, first tv-hamburger-helicopter-speed limit laws, oldest library in the US, its illegal to walk across the street on your hands 

It came from a men’s social club in London in the 1700s. 

It was a poem before a song. 

The original song had a spelling mistake. 

It’s a hard song to sing. 

It didn’t become the song of our country into 1931. 

The person who wrote the song only wrote one successful song and was tone deaf. 

Whitney Houston’s version is one of the best ever and became very popular.