4th grade advanced recorders tomorrow 12.11.2020 @7:45am

4th Grade Advanced recorders meets tomorrow at 7:45am

4th Grade Advanced Recorder K-2 Song Fest Music Leaders 

On Friday December 18th, K-2/CG Classes will meet at their music code at regular special time. We will sing various holiday songs.  Students are encouraged to wear holiday attire.  The 4th grade advanced recorders below will be song leaders along with Ms. Perryman.

(Songfest for each grade level during special) 

2nd (8:40-9:10) meet code: juddmusic2 

1st (9:15-9:45)   meet code: juddmusic1

K (9:50-10:20)    meet code: juddmusick 

Bhavana BOliveri 

Charlee BWoodill/Kirsten

Chris STa

Ethan D-Oliveri

Earl DOliveri

Geona P-Campana

Kayla R-Woodill/Kirsten

Lauren GWoodill/Kirsten

Robbie WAngeles

Thais PAngeles

Tru RWoodill/Kirsten

Zahir BCampana