Your first/last name/grade:

Your family email/cell:

How much do you like music & recorders? Circle the answer.

3=OMGGG!!! Music is MY LIFE! I play my recorder all the time, (annoying my family) and put it under my pillow at night. Don’t tell anyone but my recorder loves pie and their name is Bob.

2=Music is ok I guess. Recorders are ok I guess. Are there snack breaks?

1=My bae is making me try out. Otherwise, (eye roll) music is whatever. Bye Felicia.

Ok, fine, Ms Perryman. I wanna be in advanced recorders. Jeez. What now?

Email Ms Perryman by Thursday Sept 10th at and say “OH YEAH, SIGN ME UP, GIRL!” Tell me 3 reasons why you should be in this group.

You need a recorder:

Come to our first practice on Friday Sept 11 from 8:00-8:20am.

How dedicated will you be? Circle one.

3=I am SO excited. I will be at rehearsals unless I get attacked by a wild dinosaur. And even then, I would still come to rehearsal with or without fingers.

2=I will come sometimes (when I don’t feel like playing roblox anymore)

1=Yawn, I’m just trying out cuz I’m bored. I’m never gonna come. I need my beauty sleep in the morning. Snore…….