CHARLIE #summer2020

C-choose 2 winners each rehearsal for kindness, responsibility, and memorizing.

H-hand fist for bathroom.

A-act your heart out.

R-relax and have fun.

L-leave screen with permission and raise hand with questions.

I-invite friends and family for performance on August 13 and join google classroom.

E-express your feelings and explore costumes and makeup for show

About you?

1. Name to be called.

2. Age and school.

3. How many shows?

4. Funny, serious, love, crazy, bad guy?

5. Dance, act, and sing solo?

6. Pick 2 parts you want to do. We can edit.

7. Something you’re good at?

8. Fave food.

9. Funny story about yourself.

-Parts posted by next Thursday.

-Rehearsals on Tuesday and Thursday.

-Possibly in newspaper.

-Sing songs together and send audio.

-When is the show?

-Want to order shirts?