Charlie Brown Scenes 1-6 #july2020


1. Do you doubt yourself?   Does the person you like ignore you?

2. Are you kool? Do you love eating?

3. Do you think about how you can make money? Do you like to be in charge and a bit bossy?

4. Do people sometimes annoy you?   Are you obsessed with music?

5. Are some subjects in school difficult? Do you have big brothers/sisters?

6. Do you have a favorite stuffed animal that goes with you everywhere? Are you smart?

If you chose 1, you’re like Charlie Brown.

If you chose 2, you’re like Snoopy.

If you chose 3, you’re like Lucy.

If you chose 4, you’re like Scroeder.

If you chose 5, you’re like Sally.

If you chose 6, you’re like Linus.