If you answer yes to at least one of the statements below, come to the advanced recorder meetings on Friday at 1pm.  I will post the class hangout link in your google classroom on Thursday night.  Miss you!!! =))))

  1.  You have your recorder at home in it’s own bed eagerly waiting to be played.
  2. You don’t have a recorder but are googling “I need a soprano recorder right away” as we speak.
  3. You have named your recorder Bob and have made a best buddy oath.
  4. You live and breathe recorder and would LOVE to be in Judd School Advanced Recorders where you get to do fun concerts.
  5. You would pass up playing video games, beauty sleep, and making videos to play a rocking version of “Hot Cross Buns, baby.”
  6. You have come from a long line of recorder players from your great great great grandmother and aren’t about to change family history now.
  7. You are sleepy and want some chicken nuggets, but first, you shall play the recorder.