Climbing The Music Cake #musicinthekitchen #05172020


Musical tones come from sound waves. 

We can make many different sounds with these waves.

They are called pitches.

Different instruments playing the same note don’t always sound the same.

Listen to Do (on C4) with a recorder, voice and xylophone.

As instruments make different tones, they move in different directions.

On a piano, notes move across the keyboard.

On a recorder, when we place our fingers on different holes, we make different sounds.

On a xylophone, when we strike the bar with a mallet, it will make different tones.

With a voice, when we sing various notes, they feel different.  

Our ear tells us when we sing if the notes are going up or down. 

You can feel if a note is higher because it vibrates faster and slower when it is lower. 

Sometimes we use tubes (boomwhackers) to show high and low with voices. 

The tubes have different sizes. 

Today, we have a cake that goes up like a voice does.

Does this cake below have the full scale of pitches?