4/5th Week of May 3 Music Class

Hello! Please watch music class video and complete activity below. Upload your answers in google classroom. Take care! Ms. Perryman




  1.  Add Presidents 27-31 to your list of presidents. You should now have a list of the first 31 Presidents.

  2. Choose a president out of 1-31. Write a 5 sentence paragraph about the president that includes when he was born, what years he was president, what number president he was, what state he was from, and a fun fact about him.

Example (don’t use my example) : Bill Clinton was born in 1946. He was the US President from January 1993-2001 and was President #42. He is from the state of Arkansas and can play the saxophone.

Good site to find information: https://www.ducksters.com/biography/uspresidents/