4/5th Grade Music Class #weekofApril27

Hello! Please watch music class video and complete activity below. Upload your answers in google classroom. Take care! Ms. Perryman



Below are the pets of the first 26 Presidents of the USA.

  1. George Washington-many dogs and 2 horses

  2. John Adams-horse named Cleopatra

  3. Thomas Jefferson-2 bears, mockingbird, and 2 dogs

  4. James Madison-Parrot

  5. James Monroe-Dogs

  6. John Quincy Adams-Alligator

  7. Andrew Jackson-Parrot who yelled

  8. Martin Van Buren-tiger cubs

  9. William Harrison-goat and cow

  10. John Tyler-dogs and canary

  11. James Polk-none

  12. Zachary Taylor-horse

  13. Millard Fillmore-none

  14. Franklin Pierce-tiny dogs

  15. James Buchanan-dogs/gave elephants to zoo

  16. Abraham Lincoln-goats and turkey

  17. Andrew Johnson-cows and mice

  18. Ulysses S. Grant-ponies

  19. Rutherford Hayes-birds, cats, dogs, goat, peacock, siamese cat (1st one in the USA)

  20. James Garfield-dog

  21. Chester Arthur-none

  22. Grover Cleveland-bird, canary, dog

  23. Benjamin Harrison-goat

  24. Grover Cleveland-bird, canary, dog

  25. William McKinley-parrot who could sing yankee doodle

  26. Theodore Roosevelt-snake, bears, dogs, badger, ponies, macaw, hamster


  1.  Add President 22-26 to your list of presidents. You should now have a list of the first 26 Presidents.

  2. What animals would you have in the white house if you were president?

  3. Draw a picture of you and a favorite pet in front of the white house.