Musical Toy Store #morningmusicactivity #tuesapril21

You’ve been asked to open a toy/game store of the coolest items you can imagine!

What do you want to sell in your store?

How much will you charge?

Customers can buy from your store with music notes.

Your choices are:

Whole note: $10.00

Dotted Half Note: $7.50

Half Note: $5.00

Quarter Note: $2.50

Eighth Note: $1.25

Musical Activity:

1. Choose 5 of your favorite games or toys to sell in your store and write them on a piece of paper.

2. Pick a price on each item. (Example-a stuffed 🦄 costs a half note or $5.00)

3. Name your store. (mine is called “Perryman Presents”)

4. Color the rest of your paper.

You can share with Ms Perryman by emailing

Have fun!