Musical Hopscotch #musicmorningactivity 3.26.2020

Many songs use patterns of notes just like a book uses a pattern of letters.

Musical scales are a pattern of notes often in a set of 7 notes. Scales have space in between the notes called intervals. They are lined up in order of how they sound.

Singing and playing scales help musicians learn how to play many songs.

It’s fun to sing a scale with numbers or musical sign language.


1. You will need 8 pieces of paper.

2. Going up to 8, draw a single number on each page. Decorate as you choose.

3. Lay the papers on the floor. You can make them close or far apart.

4. Sing the number first. Then jump from one number to another; 121 131 141 151 161 171 181. See how far you can get without falling over. ;-D

5. Challenge you family to do it too.

6. Email your pictures to Have fun!