Musical Dice #musicmorningactivity 3.25.2020

Some of the activities we do in music class include: singing, playing, creating, listening, performing, exploring, and feeling.

Learning music symbols helps us to read and write music. The whole note, half note, quarter note, and eighth note are used often in music.

“Count on me” is one of the songs we sing at Judd.


Who do you count on? Ex. family, friends, dog……

Counting is very important in music.


Let’s use some dice to match notes with numbers. Do you have dice 🎲 that you can use from a game? If not, you can choose a number.

1. Roll dice.

2. Write down the number on a piece of paper.

3. Draw the music notes that match the number.

Examples to choose from (what number is missing?)

4. Color your paper.