Judd Music Friday Tunes! #grade2-5 #3.20.2020


  1. What music makes you happy?

  2. Choose 3 of the songs below and draw a picture while you listen to each one. Draw how the music makes you feel. 

  3. Pick one of your own songs and do the same.  

  4. Have a great weekend!

ABC https://youtu.be/ho7796-au8U 

Firework https://youtu.be/QGJuMBdaqIw 

Flight Of The Bumblebeehttps://youtu.be/vtAu7xkwNjQ 

Fur Elise https://youtu.be/_mVW8tgGY_w 

Happy https://youtu.be/ZbZSe6N_BXs 

Hurricane https://youtu.be/lAvxnJMu3Lo 

Un Poco Loco https://youtu.be/yg8116aeD7E