Music Journal #8 11.25.19

Our Young Country & An Emotional Romantic Period

1. US Presidents #12-16 were Zachary Taylor, Milliard Fillmore, Franklin Pierce, James Buchanan, and Abraham Lincoln.

(The nutcracker was written in the romantic era. The composer Tchaikovsky didn’t like the piece.)

2. Zachary Taylor was a tough guy but he died from eating a contaminated cherry.

(Emotion was the main purpose of Romantic period music)

3. Milliard Fillmore married his teacher when he graduated.

(Classic Period was focused on academics and learning. Romantic period was focused on spirituality and feelings.)

4. Franklin Pierce ran over a woman by accident with his horse.

(Romantic music told stories and used a lot of imagination)

5. James Buchanan was against slavery so he bought slaves and secretly released them.

(Romantic music described nature and passion.)

6. Abraham Lincoln was a great wrestler. He lost one match out of 300.

(Solo performers became popular in the romantic era)


What two periods are combined?