Attention 3rd Grade: Order Your 3rd Grade Recorder! #20192020

Hello!  My name is Ms. Perryman.  I am the general/choral music teacher at Judd School.  I look forward to an exciting musical year with your child.  All Judd School 3rd Grade students learn to read music by playing recorders during their music class.  The New Jersey Core Curriculum Standards for music include: learning to identify and read musical notation, performing in a musical group, and beginning music composition.  All Judd School 3rd Grade Students will learn various songs in music class.  Students will present their progress on the recorder at the Judd School “Music in our Schools Month Concert.”   Details for the concert will be given prior to concert. The cost of the recorder is $5.00.  This is the student’s recorder to keep.  During the 3rd grade year, students will need to bring the recorder to music class each week for instruction.  The students choose a new recorder when they bring their 5.00 to school.  Some of recorder colors include green, purple, ivory, and purple. They will be given a recorder strap to keep before the spring concert.  If you have a recorder at home, your child does not have to purchase another. You are welcome to purchase up to two recorders; one to stay at school as well as one to practice at home.  Students may bring in their money at any time. An envelope or form isn’t necessary. We will begin recorder instruction starting the month of October during music class. 

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Thank you! 

Ms. Perryman