Last Minute Dreamcatcher Chorus Song Reminders

All percussionists, make sure to have your percussion instrument when you walk in to the warm up and performance.

JAZZ CANTATE: Smoother and softer. Review especially end of song moves. Part 2: be very soft on the alleluias and remember where to go down in the harmony.

BOLERO: Lots of facial expressions, soft and slow, 10 maracas shakes at the end by angel before you end the song.

JOURNEY: I will play an interlude after Bolero. Don’t sing until you hear the usual first piano part. Soloists should walk to the mic in order. Tone chimes should pick up their tone chimes. Remember where not to play. Chorus: Much softer in this song, listen to the piano, keep it slow, make sure to pronounce the words. Remember where we say never more to roam and I’m a going home. You can be louder at the end but not too loud. Be sure to stop singing when Ms Perryman gives you the cut off from the piano.

BANANA: I count 1-4, bananas play and you dance 5-8, then we sing. Have lots of fun on this song. Part 2 remember your harmony and when to go down with your notes. Pronounce the words clearly and practice your moves.

IN GENERAL: Smile, have fun, don’t sing too loud, and hold the moves until Ms Perryman says “and down.” You guys rock!