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Judd Chorus Fundraiser Ends Thursday!


Our Chorus fundraiser is almost over!! Share your brochures with families and friends and help our Judd School Choruses.

Earn great prizes along the way and perhaps a chance to earn a trip to Disney-world! Sell through March 1st!

Sell one item and receive 48 tickets from Ms. Perryman
Sell 10 items and earn ear buds with an in-line mic
Sell 15 items and earn neon folding headphones with an in-line mic
Sell 20 items and earn blue tooth wireless earbuds
Sell 25 items and earn virtual reality goggles AND ENTER THE DISNEYWORLD SWEEPSTAKES!
Sell 30 items and earn bluetooth headphones with kic AND ENTER THE DISNEYWORLD SWEEPSTAKES!

The top two 3rd and 4th grade sellers will receive a 20 dollar gift card to 5 below.

The top seller will receive the candy poster.

See Ms Perryman for any questions!

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