Birdie Informs

Dear Birdie cast, please take a look at our last few rehearsals. Make sure to review your blocking (where you go on stage) along with your lines. Don’t forget your costumes!!❤️😊🎼 1. Monday Jan 8 815

2. Tuesday Jan 9 330-6

Bring costumes for dress rehearsal

3. Friday Jan 12 215-315

In school review on stage with actors

4. Friday Jan 12 330-6

Bring costumes for dress rehearsal

5. Sunday Jan 14 High School rehearsal 4-8pm

Bring costumes for dress rehearsal


Bo A, Vanna A, Hanullah A, Evan B, Ashantie B,

Brianna C, Inna C, Elizabeth C, Alex D, Catie D,

Abby E, Grace F, Jason F, Melissa G,

Samantha G, Jessica G, Andrew K,

Tiana J, Isabella L, Mabelle M, Hannah O,

Pavan P, Devin Q, Mckenna R,  Arjun R, Rose R,

Dvanil S, Andrew S, Giavanni S, Alessandra S,

Tyler S, Bill S, Greta S, Prabodh S, Samayra S,

Jada S, Alicia T, Shriya T, Frank T, Temi, Jahn W