Birdie Tuesday After School Rehearsals Start Next Week!

Birdie 6

Hello Birdie cast! A reminder, our after school rehearsals start Tuesday. It is also posted on your schedule and the cast announcement. Here is the information below as a reminder. See you for Birdie on Monday at 8:15 and Tuesday at dismissal in Ms. Perryman’s room. Happy Weekend! 🙂


PERFORMANCES (Cast below does all performances)
Tues. Jan. 16, 2018 9:30am @ Judd-7pm @ NBTHS
Thurs. Jan. 18, 2018 7pm @NBTHS
REGULAR REHEARSALS & ATTENDANCE (Listed on monthly calendar)
Students are allowed ONE unexcused absence unless they are absent from school.
MONDAY REHEARSALS @ 8:15 (Starting Mon Sept 25th)
(Student council attends Monday rehearsals when they don’t meet for SC)
TUESDAY REHEARSALS @ 3:40-5pm (Starting Oct 10th)
Students may not have to attend every Tuesday rehearsal. Rehearsals will be listed on the monthly Judd chorus calendar:
We need family help with our show. At the end of October, we will have a brief meeting with parents regarding what we need. Date to be announced. Parents who can help, please email Ms. Perryman at Many thanks!
STUDENT PICK UP: Families arrange pick up on Tues at 5pm.
MEMORIZED LINES: All students should have lines and cue line MEMORIZED by Mon. Dec.11th.
COSTUMES: Information regarding costumes is coming soon, stay tuned.

(Parts will be assigned after the first two Monday rehearsals. See character descriptions.) Bo A, Nicole A, Vanna A, Hanullah A, Evan B, Ashantie B, Brianna C, Inna C, Elizabeth C, Alex D, Catie D, Abby E, Grace F, Jason F, Melissa G, Samantha G, Jessica G, Andrew K, Tiana J, Isabella L, Mabelle M, Hannah O, Pavan P, Devin Q, Mckenna R, Arjun R, Rose R, Dvanil S, Andrew S, Giavanni S, Alessandra S, Tyler S, Bill S, Greta S, Prabodh S, Samayra S, Jada S, Alicia T, Shriya T, Frank T, Temi, Jahn W