School Play Audition Info


We love you Judd School, oh yes we do. We love you Judd School and will be true. Your singing makes us say, whoo hoo! Oh Judd School, we love you! Take a rock and roll singer who is about to go into the army and who is popular enough to have a viral youtube hit, a musician and his favorite girl and funny mother, a young girl who loves to be on the phone all the time and has a big crush…..Put them together and you have our Judd School version of, BYE BYE BIRDIE!!

TRYOUT: Monday September 18th at 8:15am.
REHEARSALS: (Students are allowed one unexcused absence)
Monday Mornings @ 8:15am (Beginning the week of Sept 25th)
Tuesday Afternoons @ 3:15-5pm (Beginning the week of Oct. 9th)
(One month before the performance, there may be a couple extra and extended rehearsals)
Tuesday Jan. 16, 2018 9:30am @ Judd School
Tuesday Jan. 16, 2018 7pm @ NBTHS
Thursday Jan. 18, 2018 7pm @ NBTHS
SONGS: We Love You Conrad, The Smartphone Hour, One Last Kiss, Put On A Happy Face, Kids, A Mother Doesn’t Matter Anymore, Rosie

Albert Peterson: Music songwriter who has a very funny mother and likes Rosie.
Conrad Birdie: Music Superstar; Youtube sensation
Rosie Alvarez: Smart with great ideas and likes Albert
Kim MacAfee: Teenage girl obsessed with rockstars; has a boyfriend named Hugo
Ursula Meckles: Kim’s BFF, head of Conrad’s fan club
Mayor: In charge of Sweet Apple, Ohio
Mrs. MacAfee: Kim’s Mother who likes Conrad herself.
Mr. MacAfee: Kim’s father whose dream is to be on TV
Hugo Peabody: Kim’s sweet and sometimes jealous boyfriend
Ed Sullivan: Host of famous TV Show
Mae Peterson: Albert’s very strong mother who likes to tell him what to do.
Town Teenagers: Harvey, Penelope, Phyllis, Fred, Lee, Deborah Sue, Alice, Randolph

ROCK SUPERSTAR GOING INTO THE ARMY: Music songwriter Albert Peterson finds himself in trouble when music superstar Conrad Birdie is drafted into the Army. Albert’s sweetheart, Rosie, comes up with an idea to have Conrad Birdie perform a song live before he is sent overseas. They plan to have Conrad Birdie sing Albert’s new song “One Last Kiss.” One lucky girl will get a smooch on the The Ed Sullivan Show before going into the Army.

LUCKY FAN MEETS FAVE ROCKSTAR ON TV: The lucky girl chosen randomly from Conrad’s fan club is 15-year-old Kim MacAfee from Sweet Apple, Ohio. All the teenagers in Sweet Apple catch up on the latest gossip about Kim MacAfee and Hugo Peabody going steady on (The Smart Phone Hour.) Kim has quit the Conrad Birdie fan club over the phone because of the new milestone happening in her life, and as she tells the news, her best friend Ursula is shocked. Conrad, Albert, and Rose set off to Sweet Apple to prepare for the event. Conrad receives a hero’s welcome in Sweet Apple, and Hugo worries that Kim likes Conrad more than she likes him and gets jealous (We Love You Conrad.) Conrad shocks the town’s parents and drives the teenage girls crazy and even some of the adults. Conrad becomes a guest in the MacAfee house and irritates Kim’s father, Harry MacAfee. Mr. MacAfee does not want Kim to kiss Conrad until Albert tells him their whole family will be on The Ed Sullivan Show.

COME TO MOMMA AND DRAMA: Albert’s high maintenance mother, Mae Peterson makes trouble between him and Rosie. Conrad sings on The Ed Sullivan Show (One Last Kiss), and as he leans in to kiss Kim, Hugo runs onstage and pushes out of the way just in time. On live television, Conrad faints, Rosie breaks up with Albert, and Albert leads the audience in song (Put On A Happy Face.)

PARTY TIME AND CRAZY KIDS: Kim sneaks out of the house and joins the Sweet Apple teens. Conrad decides he wants to go out and have a good time with his fans. When Mr. MacAfee discovers Kim has run away, he and Mrs. MacAfee lament how disobedient kids are today (Kids.) After Rosie tells him that she is about to break up with him, Albert finally stands up to his mother, telling her to go home. Mae becomes so upset that she leaves, but not before heavily dramatizing the sacrifices she made for him. (A Mother Doesn’t Matter Anymore.)

DON’T GROW UP TOO FAST: Hugo, who is jealous, tells the MacAfees and the other parents that the teenagers have gone to have a party and they get ready to go and get Kim but not before singing (Kids) again.

EVERYTHING IS ROSY: When they find them, Kim has lost interest in Conrad and gets back together with Hugo. Albert dresses up Conrad as a woman and gets him out of town so he can go into the army. Albert tells Rosie that she is his favorite girl and that from now on, (Everything Is Rosy!!)