Great job and Schedule before Dorney!

Great job tonight at Juddtopia! We have a few more school days before Dorney. See you at rehearsal!

Tuesday May 23rd

3rd Grade chorus at 8:15 ​ ​ ​

Recess:4th P1 and 5th Grade Girls
Wednesday May 24th

4th Grade chorus at 8:15 ​ ​Recess: 3rd Grade Boys/Officers/Bird Tone Chimes-Solos-Ribbon Dancers
Thursday May 25th

5th Grade chorus at 8:15 ​ ​Recess: 4th P2 and 5th Grade Boys
Friday May 26th 1:30 Closing

Advanced Recorders @ 815            
​Tuesday May 30th

3rd grade chorus @ 815 ​Recess: 4th P1 and 5th Grade Girls ​
Wednesday May 31st

4TH Gr. Chorus @ 815 ​Recess: 3rd Grade Girls/Officers/Bird solos-ribbon dancers/soloists 

7pm Dorney chaperone meeting in music room

4/5th Grade Chorus emergency contact forms due by 3pm
Thursday June 1st ​

5TH Gr. Chorus @ 815 ​Recess: 4th P2 and 5th Grade Boys      
Friday June 2nd 4/5th Grade Chorus Field Trip

Dorney Park Music In The Parks Competition (9am-9pm) Wear Judd-Topia Shirt. 

1. Check weather to see if you need to wear sunscreen or a rain poncho

2. Bring bag lunch (no peanut products) and $ for souvenirs (approx. $20.) 

3. You will receive a voucher for a free dinner at the park. 

4. Chaperones come to gym @ 815am in the morning. 

5. Students come to gym @ 830am in the morning.