4/5th Grade Chorus Ballad:-)

Bird with one wing

Subito Piano/Sub P: Suddenly Soft
MF: Medium Loud
MP: Medium Soft
F: Forte

A friendship forms between a bird and a child who both feel like outsiders.
When they sing a duet, the exuberant spirit of their song brings everyone together.

ALL: (mp) There once was a bird with just one wing. He was a fragile and frightened thing. (mf) The other birds, they pushed him aside, (sub p) and the little one-winged bird sighed.

PART ONE: (mp) The lone little bird, he spent his days watching the children at their play.

PART TWO: (mf) He felt very safe in the shade of a tree where none of the other birds could see.

ALL (F) Then one day in bright July, our little bird heard a small child cry. He saw that she was all alone. (sub p) The others had left her, headed for home, so he perched on her shoulder, and then he told her, “I’ll sing a duet with you.”

REFRAIN: See AH Section

PART 1: (mf) And when their song was fin’ally done, they saw, with delight in the shining sun.

PART 2: (f) Children and birds were gathered around to see who had made that magical sound.

ALL: (sub p) And they sang out together, “We’re all of one feather, whoever we happen to be!”

REFRAIN: See 2nd AH Section