CHAPERONES:  Thank you for your interest!  If you would like to be considered, email the complete information below to  The chaperone meeting on May 31st is mandatory and crucial for an out of state trip of this scope.  Do not request if you cannot make this meeting.

CONSIDER the following information before you request to chaperone:

  • Chaperones are responsible for up to 5 students for the entire trip.
  • All student groups will be assigned from classrooms with teacher assistance.
  • Students will be granted one student choice from their classroom.
  • You may/may not chaperone your own child. Every student must be chaperoned.
  • If you are chosen to drive, you will be with a chaperone who will ride the bus.
  • If you are selected to be a chaperone, you will be notified by the end of March.
  • Chaperone jobs are below. Feel free to make a request.

Bus Leaders –Main chaperone. Creates rules/sign for window.  Connects with bus driver.

Ticket Managers-Counts and gives out.  Chaperones hold child tickets.

Chaperone Navigation-Brings a hard copy of directions as well as GPS on trip.

Rides bus and leads bus driver to Competition & Dorney Park.  Contacts Bus Driver at pickup.

Stage Crew-Helps with moving performance equipment on day of trip.  Sets up at performance.

Health Managers-Assists nurse.  Rides the bus, takes health bag.

Food and Trash-Collects trash after lunch and at the end of the night.

Driving Parent Liasons-Keep in touch with bus chaperones to easily meet up.

Audio Visual-Video records performance and uploads performance to youtube.

Photo Archivist-Takes pictures during performance & trip and emails to Ms. Perryman.

EMAIL completed information.  Incomplete responses will affect whether you are chosen.

  1. Your first and last name and your child’s first and last name
  2. Your cell phone number and email (please be thorough/I will not retrieve emails)
  3. Confirmation of the mandatory chaperone meeting at 7pm on Wed. May 31, 2017
  4. What qualities do you have that make you a good chaperone choice?
  5. I am looking for navigators, bus leaders, and drivers. Are you interested?