Charlie Brown Audition Results!

Congratulations!  See you at rehearsal next Monday at 8:15am!



Our first rehearsal in Monday 9/26 at 8:15am!

PERFORMANCES (Cast below does all performances)

Tuesday January 15, 2016    9:30am @ Judd-7pm @ NBTHS

Thursday January 17, 2016 7pm @NBTHS

REGULAR REHEARSALS & ATTENDANCE (Listed on monthly calendar)

Students are allowed ONE unexcused absence unless they are absent from school.

MONDAY REHEARSALS @ 8:15 (Starting Mon Sept 26th)

(Student council attends Monday rehearsals when they don’t meet for SC)

TUESDAY REHEARSALS @ 3:40-5pm (Starting Oct 11th)

Students will not have to attend every Tuesday rehearsal.  Rehearsals will be listed on the monthly Judd chorus calendar:


We need family help with our show.  At the end of one October, we will have a brief meeting with parents regarding what we need.  Date to be announced.

STUDENT PICK UP:  Families arrange pick up on Tues at 5pm.

MEMORIZED LINES:  All students should have lines and cue line MEMORIZED by Mon. Dec.12th.

COSTUMES:  Information regarding costumes is coming soon, stay tuned.


(If a student auditioned and didn’t get a part, they are on the waiting list in case a part opens up)

CHARLIE BROWN:  Damon Clark, Andrew Liguori, Evan Yankah, Andrew Selover, Jace Vreeland

SNOOPY:  Michael Brandt, Jason Fabrizio, Julia Kielblock, Isabella Lickman,  Nathalie Miranda, Bridget Schmidt

LUCY:  Vanna Abdiotakis, Angela Davis, Grace Ford, Brianna Ketrow, Sahara Romero, Marissa Russo, Jaida Soto, Naima Tyus

LINUS:  Alex Dey, Arjun Ravishankar, Tyler Suhan, Richie Zangara

SCHROEDER:  Jason Colon, Ethan Kallarackal, Nathan Mathias, Kai Samet

SALLY:  Catie Donahue, Myrka Filpo, Penelope Jones, Ella Mikolajewski, Rose Rykus, Paige Simpson

PEANUTS GANG (will be in certain scenes with some lines)

Nicole Alvarez, Alfredina Amponsah, Michelle Bonsu, Inna Chernyavsky, Ryan Farley, Claudia Gaba, Sami Guadagnino, Jessica Godun, Abdallah Hashim, Zainob Jalloh, Brianna Johnson, Jaiden Lieberman, Mabelle Matias, Colin McNulty, Arav Neroth, Miti Patel, Radhe Patel, Kaitlyn Reyes, Rachel Revko, Gianna Sgobbo, Dhuvanil Shah, Carley Shanahan, Shriya Thacker, Oliver Thompson, Sanai Walker-Woodard