Music Legos #notation

About 1000 years ago, people began to write music they had created. Before then people just shared it with others and remembered it. People wanted to share written music with others so they used notes for the sound and placed it on 5 lines with 4 spaces in between which is called a staff.

To read a song, you need to know the letter of the note and how long it lasts.

Today we are going to make 3 sections (measures) of 4 beat patterns. The notes we will use will be whole note, half note, and quarter note. Each section is divided by a bar line. We are going to use legos to make the notes.

1. Fold a paper in 3 sections and draw a line where it divides.

2. Label the notes and beats.

3. Check with Ms Perryman. If correct, make notes out of legos and tape them.