I’m a kid who loves the movies, I never miss a show. I grab myself some popcorn and find the 7th row. I just adore the comedies and laugh along the way. Last time I saw a picture show, I sat right by my bae. WHOO!

I like to watch the dramas, and musicals are fun. Just don’t show me the mushy flicks, I’ll get right up and run. YUCK!

At night I like the scary ones that chill you to the bone. I hide my head and hold my ears when there’s a creepy moan. BOO!

Though I’m as friendly as can be and always say hello, please don’t talk and check your phone once they start the show. WHOA!

I’m a kid who loves the movies, it’s my favorite place to be. Next time you catch a picture show, you might bump into to me. YO!